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Terms of use :

These weather data are given for information only. They are given "as it is". You agree that the use of this website is at his own risks. No reliability guarantee of the weather forecast is given. This responsibility limit is enforceable to any injury related to the purpose of these data. Previmeteo SARL can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect injury which will be due to the use of its data.
The weather data given are forecast for which we are doing everything to make them the most accurate. However, we never guarantee an absolute reliability.
Some original data are provided by the NOAA/NWS or by the french national meteorological service (the observations for example).


This website contains protected data by the laws against the copy. They can not be use or transmit to other location without a written agreement from Previmeteo. Especially, the use, by other websites of maps or data from Previmeteo is purely forbidden without an agreement. Any offender is leaving himself exposed to legal proceedings about data piracy. If you want to use these data, please contact us.
Previmeteo is a registered trademark.

Private information

Any account holder is entitled to access any datum referring to him in order to modify it or remove it from our database.
For any information, please contact us.

Privacy :

Under the French law of January 6th 1978, article #16, addressing computing, files and personal information, collected data are registered at the CNIL under the number 1023962. These data will not be given to any third party and any registered user is entitled to access his private information, to modify it and remove it.
We are guaranteed to all visitors a complete privacy and freedom.