Terms and conditions :


The society editing the website Previmeteo.com, registered at the Register of Commerce and Companies at Agen with the number 481171700, having his head office 10, Boulevard de la Liberté, 47200 Marmande in France, offers on its websites www.previmeteo.com a subscription service and weather services. Those services are governed by those present Terms of Sale (hereinafter called the ToS), excluding any other document or condition. Any subscription or subscription renewal to any service from the website imply the complete agreement of the subscriber to the ToS.Previmeteo reserves the rights to modify at any time the ToS. The new Terms of Sale will be brought to the attention of the customer by online modification and will be enforceable for the sales done after the modification. The valid Terms of Sale are available in english language on the website.


The different subscription and subscription renewal offers are available on the section « HD Services > Forecast subscription ». The effective offers are those shown on the website when the order is performed. Previmeteo reserves the right to modify it at any time.
A subscription or subscription renewal give the right to access the Platinium section of the Previmeteo.com website during the subscription period. To get this benefit, the subscription must have been done as individual. Each subscription give the right to one, and only one, access to the Platinium section during the subscription period. To access to the Platinium section, the subscriber must login to his reserved area using the email address and password given during the registration process.


The order validation by the customer imply the complete agreement of the present Terms of Use. To validate its subscription, the customer has to click on the « Validate » button after giving his payment information. An acknowledgement will be sent to the email address specified in the subscription form, mentioning the contractual information and the exact charged amount. This acknowledgement worths the agreement of the subscription by Previmeteo and validate the transaction.
Previmeteo reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer to whom a payment litigation concerning a Previmeteo offer exists, without any indemnity.
The customer acknowledge that the data registered in the website make the proof of the transaction (subscription offer and date), and the data saved by the payment system, the proof of the financial transaction.
Enabling the web browser cookies is needed to make an order on the website.


The subscription offers, subscription renewal offers and services effective prices are those shown on the website when the order registration is done. Previmeteo reserves the right to modify it at any time. The prices are specified in euro; all charges, processing and shipping costs are included. All orders are due in euros. The special offer are valid during the validity period of the related offer. The special offers can not be combined with any other offer. It can not be exchanged against there monetary value, partially or totally refund. After the indicated deadline, the discount is lost
Three payment methods are available :
1. Payment by credit card with a secure payment server (credit card, Visa, MasterCard). The online payment by credit card is handled by a secure system which includes an encryption system with SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
2. Payment by bank check : the customer has to send a subscription form with a bank check (issued by a bank located in metropolitan France) payable to the Previmeteo SARL at this postal address Previmeteo SARL, service abonnements, 10 Boulevard de la Liberté, 47 200 Marmande.
3. Payment with the Paypal system. The customer can use his own Paypal account (http://www.paypal.com) to pay the subscription, subscription renewal or the weather services when the option is given.
The prices are valid until 2022/02/01.


The validity period and the renewal of each subscription offer, subscription renewal offer and services are mentioned in the section « HD Services > Forecast subscription ».


The subscriptions services are available as soon as the payment is validated. So, for credit card and Paypal payment, the payment validation is instant and the services are available immediately after the payment. For bank check payment, the subscription validation is done within 7 working days after the payment receipt.


Regarding the subscriptions, which are available immediately, the customer has a right of cancellation at any time. But, because of the instant availability of the service, the refund of the subscription will be reduced by the portion of the period elapsed and by the principle that any subscription month started is due. Concerning the subscriptions of which the period is less than a month, any refund can NOT be done.
The refunds will be done within a period less or equal to 30 days after the receipt of the letter send with acknowledgement of receipt. The refund will be done by credit on a bank account or by bank check addressed to the name of the customer who made the order and to the billing address.


The weather data are given for information only. There are given "as it is". The customer accepts that the use of this website is at his own risks. No guarantee is given regarding the reliability of the weather forecast. This responsibility limit is enforceable to any injury related to the purpose of these data. Previmeteo SARL can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect injury which will be due to the use of its data. The weather data given are forecast for which we are doing everything to make them the most accurate. However, we never guarantee an absolute reliability. Some original data are provided by the NOAA/NWS or by the french national meteorological service (the observations for example).


This website contains protected data by the laws against the copy. They can not be use or transmit to other location without a written agreement from Previmeteo. Especially, the use, by other websites of maps or data from Previmeteo is purely forbidden without an agreement. Any offender is leaving himself exposed to legal proceedings about data piracy. If you want to use these data, please contact us. Previmeteo is a registered trademark. All information provided by this website, all trademarks present on this website, all softwares and/or technologies provided through this website, and more commonly, any part of this website are reserved under the intellectual property all over the world. The present Terms and Conditions do not lead to the transfer of these rights of intellectual property to the benefit of a customer. Consequently, the customer agrees to refrain from duplicating and/or using the trademarks and logotypes present on this website. The customer agrees to refrain as well from copying, modifying, traducing, duplicating, broadcasting, selling, publishing, exploiting otherwise any part of the information (even partially) present on this website. The customer agrees to refrain from diffusing within his company or to someone else any part of the information present on this website.
The infringement of this clauses expose the offender, and any person in charge, to the legal penalty provided by the law


Previmeteo commit himself to consider all the personal information related to the customer and included in the subscription form are view as confidential and are only used for transactions and, if necessary, to inform about the subscription offer and the product which is related to. This information will be subject to computer processing. Under the French law of January 6th 1978 addressing computing, files and personal information, you are entitled to access any information refering to you.


The ToS are under the french law. In case of litigation, the french tribunals will be the only competent institution.


For any information, question or counsel, please contact the Previmeteo customer service :
- by mail : Previmeteo SARL, service abonnements, 10 Boulevard de la Liberté, 47 200 Marmande, France
- by phone : +33 (0)5 53 93 43 06 from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 18h from Monday to Saturday
- by email using the dedicated form on the website : http://www.previmeteo.com/about/contact-us.php

Please contact us if you have any question.