Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Who makes the weather maps ?
  • The weather maps are made on our servers which are computing 24h/24 - 7d/7 for our customers.
  • How are made the maps ?
  • Everyday, we are computing the new maps on our servers using programs we developed. We generate many thousand maps with many compute servers located in data centers in France (Paris, Lille, Marmande).
  • Where does the root data come from ?
  • We are using root data from the american National Weather Service, then our servers compute with our own models to obtain resolutions up to 2 km for some applications.
  • How many updates per day ?
  • Depending on the product, we are providing from 1 to 4 updates everyday.
  • Can I get data for other countries ?
  • Because of we made our own weather maps, we can provide weather forecast on any area in the world. For example, we have some clients in Cameroun, Senegal, Antilles and Europe. Contact us to request for countries currently not covered.
  • Is it possible to get other kinds of data ?
  • We can provide many kinds of data like maps, local weather, raw data (Grib or XML), etc. Contact us to explain your needs. For example, we are providing custom-made weather extranet to large companies.
  • Is Previmeteo dependent on MeteoFrance ?
  • No. We are not using any data from MeteoFrance to produce weather forecast.
  • Can I get weather information on my website ?
  • Of course ! We are providing free weather content for personal website and weather content tailor made for professional and commercial websites. Read the section "Weather content > Weather for webmasters" to get further information.