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Configuring the software WsWin

Before starting :

To follow this tutorial and automate the data transfer with the software Weather Display, we assume that you already have :

  • A weather station compatible with the software Weather Display. You can find the list of compatible weather stations on this page.
  • A connector to connect your station to your PC (through the USB port or the serial port)
  • The software Virtual Weather Station installed on your PC (download it on the official website).
  • We advise you to have Windows XP in order to use Heavy Weather and more precisely to use the planed tasks of the system.
  • A FTP storage space. Read our tutorial about the FTP storage

We used the station WS2300 (La Crosse Technology), with Windows XP.
The version used of WsWin was 2.94.2.

Note :

The station WS2300 is not compatible with WsWin. We use a technic which consists in collecting the data from the software Heavy Weather ("history.dat") and to import it into WsWin with a 10 seconds refresh.
The software Heavy Weather is working with WsWin in order to supply data to the file.

We assume that your station is compatible and that WsWin is already collecting data.
We do not explain precisely how to configure WsWin with your station.

Goals :

The software WsWin can send automatically data to a website.
The main goal is to not use a FTP server. The data are directly and regularly sent to to Previmeteo.
WsWin enable you to create templates to configure the destination URL, the credentials and the data to send. Below we will talk about the Previmeteo template used to send data to us.

template_previmeteo.txt :

  • Download the template
  • Put this file in the installation directory of the software : "C:\Program Files\Wswin"

Open the file "template_previmeteo.txt" :

Previmeteo template for WsWin

There are all necessary settings :

  • The destination URL
  • The variable containing your data and the separator
  • The data list : the station ID, the associated password, the date and the time of the update, the outdoor/indoor temperatures, the humidity, the pressure, the wind speed and direction etc.

WARNING : Do NOT modify ANYTHING in this file !

Internet settings :

Now we will configure WsWin in order to indicate the elapsed time between each data sending at the specified address.
In the software menu :

  • Click on "Internet" then "Settings"

Internet menu on WsWin

  • Click on the "WWW" tab
  • In the "Inscription #1" frame, select the file "template_previmeteo.txt" previously downloaded with the "..." button

Internet settings on WsWin

  • Type the username (the "aktiv" box have to be checked !) : it is your station ID
  • Type the associated password
  • In the "Internet Update" frame, select an interval of 5 minutes for the data sending.s

Internet update on WsWin

  • Click on the "Test" button
  • After some minutes, the data will be available on the web page dedicated to your staton.

Configuring your profile :

By default, Previmeteo convert your data in these units : °C, hPa, mm, m/s.
If the units of your software are not matching these units, you HAVE TO modify the station settings in Your profile.

The units have to be same in your software AND in Previmeteo.

For example, we configure the software with these units : °F, inHg, inch, km/h
In "My profile", then "Your stations", I modify the station and its settings as follow :

Modifying the units on Previmeteo

Click on "Save modifications".
Previmeteo will be able now to convert your data in the correct units (°C, hPa, mm, m/s).

Contact us :

If you have any question about this tutorial or if you find a mistake, please contact us.